Seriously Annoying Matlab Surfer

Here you can download our pRF mapping toolbox: SamSrf

This is probably not the most professional piece of software you will have ever encountered and there are probably much better alternatives out there (there is a reason why it’s “seriously annoying”). We developed these tools for our own use. Writing code from scratch makes it much easier to know how it works and gives you the greatest flexibility to expand it with new analyses. SamSrf calls a number of SPM functions (it has only been tested properly with SPM8 but I’m told it also works with SPM12). It also uses 3D reconstructions of the cortical surface created in FreeSurfer. It should however be flexible and can be used with FSL or AFNI or whatever package. It is also theoretically possible to use surface meshes not created in FreeSurfer although we haven’t really done that yet.

Please contact Sam (or someone from the lab) if you have any questions or spot any problems. However, please be advised that we do not provide tech support to people unless we collaborate with them. Putting up the (much more basic) code for phase-encoded retinotopic mapping taught me that as much as one may want to help people this isn’t possible if you also want to have a life.

A basic data set for practice purposes is available here.