Sam Schwarzkopf’s Lab

Sam Schwarzkopf is a cognitive and systems neuroscientist at University College London. The lofty goal of his research is to answer the question how we perceive the world around us and, ultimately, to understand what makes us who we are. Each person is unique. Even our perception of the environment varies quite dramatically between and within individuals.

Thus a major aim of the lab research’s is therefore to reveal how this variability arises in the human brain and how this relates to consciousness and our sense of self. We are also interested in exploring what governs people’s perceptual judgements and decisions, say, how they rate the attractiveness of a face or how perceptual biases affect their choices. Naturally, such grand questions cannot all be answered over night – and it remains unclear to what extent they can be answered at all. Therefore, most of the experiments we conduct are very basic and focus on the processing of simple visual or auditory stimuli. Only through a thorough understanding of basic processes can we ever hope to gain a better explanation of complex phenomena but I believe it is important not to lose sight of the bigger picture of what our research is all about. As you will see whilst you peruse this website, we also enjoy putting up silly photos of ourselves.

Please contact Sam using the email below if you have any questions about our research or if you are interested in working with us.


Recon-Bars (144 vols)

V1 activity during retinotopic mapping scan projected back into visual space